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AKENÍ - A Courageous Adventure!

Akení is a split screen/side scrolling action platformer in the spirit of the mid 80s to early 90s arcade cabinet style gameplay, complete with Insert Coin, High Scores table and the famous Game Over!
The game took over 3 years to make. I worked on it alone!

I also translated it to Portuguese and Spanish!
The gameplay is simple. No shooting or killing animals, but the challenge is not easy. Each level can hold dangerous surprises, so be careful where you land your feet out there in the forest!


You're Akení, who while visiting an indian tribe in the
Amazon, has come to ask the Chief's daughter "Akeena" in marriage. It was a daring wish, all the tribe thought! And so the Chief decided to dare him in return with an adventurous challenge.
He said: Akení, if you prove to me that you are a brave man for the love of my daughter, you shall have my blessing. Your challenge is: To bring the 3 giant treasures that are within the dangerous caves inside the great mountain near our land. Akení accepted the challenge, but the tribe thought he was out of his mind, since the dangerous Lost Cave is the 7th of the treacherous levels he must traverse, including a huge ocean where Akení must dive to the depths to find missing stones that will open paths for him to continue. And so you set out bravely to venture and conquer honour and happiness!
Have fun jumping from high Cliffs, climbing trees and swinging on vines "Tarzan style". But watch out for the many animals within the island, such as: snakes, albino scorpions, bats, albino rat, electric eels, poisonous leaping frogs and new ones, such as the poisonous manta ray, porcupine, piranhas and jelly fishes! Their bites and stings will hurt, but you can heal your injuries by eating the miraculous healing fruits of the lush tropical forest!, such as oranges, pineapples, apples, bananas and tasty blackberries!
You won't only find enemies in the game, but some animal friends which will help guard you against attacks, guide you through the cliff maze and even escort you through the air to escape to a new level, Oh, there's a hot air balloon ride as well.
Your main goal will be to find a legendary "diamond" hid there by an ancient tribe.
You'll also need to find the lost Ruby ring and the Golden Falcon statue, in order to gain the blessing of the Chief and marry "Akeena". You'll also earn points by collecting money bags, gold bars and precious gems!
New: The game now features the YM2151 arcade sound for its music! Game updates are sent by me (the dev) personally to all game owners.

Levels and playing guide, I guess I should call - :)

Trust me, without this here, you might get lost in the game. Read it so you understand what you should do in each level, since the game won't tell you! unless you really like mysteries!

L e v e l s :

1-High Cliff

Find the ancient gold symbols to open the matching secret rocky passages in this Cliff maze and advance to the next level!
Ask the colourful Tucan atop the great tree! he will help you find the stones!

2-Great Valley

Cross this huge forested mountainous valley while collecting treasures to spice up that classic score! and advance to the next level!

3-Condor Mountain

Watch out for dangerous one hit, one kill cursed boulders that come tumbling down the mountain! I think there's a hidden mad monkey behind one of those trees somewhere throwing them boulders!
Save a baby condor that has fallen down a dangerous cave, while an albino scorpion and a hungry snake are waiting to prey on the little one, and make a loyal friend who will help you later. Take a huge leap, and fall to the great ocean of depths (the next level): The High Seas!

4-High Seas

This is probably the largest level. You will feel like you really are lost out in the sea. It may be the biggest sea in any 2D video game, lol.
The sea is filled with serene life but some will pose danger. There is a huge friend however, the Blue Whale, which will help you a bit by using it's body as a shield from all surrounding predators. Swim all the way to the depths of the sea and meet rare creatures that use luminescence where there's no light!
Worry not, for our familiar hero has unbelievable lung capacity! Find the ancient golden symbol statues to open the matching secret passages, like in the first level in order to progress and exit to the shores of a bright beautiful sunny beach!

5-Sandy Beach

Cross the beach while collecting treasures. Watch out for fast angry black birds that swoop down from the sky at blazing speeds and spiky sea urchins scattered throughout the sand. Angry crabs, sea urchins and birds appear here, but you can climb many trees in order to escape from some of the dangers below.

6-Paradise Jungle

Ahhh the jungle... Lush beautiful tropical forests and colourful animals abound. But unfortunately, we are on a mission and there isn't much time for sight seeing! There is a mad hungry Leopard up top this mountainous forest. You will need to find a stick, which is well hidden atop the jungle mountain, then hit the bee hive to scare the leopard. After that, jump down below to find a mysterious waterfall.
What' mystery does the waterfall hold?. Lastly, meet an old friend who will call her flying husband to help you escape the jungle by giving you an awesome air ride to the heights of the Lost Cave Mountain!

7-Lost Cave

Find the Golden Statue, The great Diamond and the Precious Ruby Ring, which are the treasures that the Indian tribe chief had asked you. Then take a balloon ride to the top of the mountain and wait for the condor to pick you up an give you an airlift right out of the mountain and into the Indian tribe, where the chief awaits with his promise!
Here many dangers abound! be careful at every screen! there will be great deep chasms, but don't we know that our native hero has the most amazing legs of steel? :)
Good Luck on your journey!

Aloan Moreira
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