GAME UPDATES: New updates are in red.

From October 27, 2017 to January 2018

- Added level treasure maps! no more being clueless of where are the things needed to progress, as 4 of the 7 levels are huge

labyrinths. Just hold the Alt key (second arcade button) and the map will show. Keep in mind, that the map will not show you

where you are. Only where in the

map things (that are needed to progress the game: treasures or special item) , are!

Also on the last level the map will show you where to go to exit the cave as that was pretty much a mystery!

- Added 2 brand new songs to substitute the Second level (Valley) and the High Seas level.

- Added a bit more fish to the ocean.

- Added some scenic trees to the main mountain background.

- Added underwater sound effect.

- Added sea splash animation to all the screens in the game's intro.

- Added treasure Amethyst stone (beautiful purple color), worth 1000 points.

- Added falling stalactites in the last Lost Caverns level.

- Added a couple of albino rats to the last level (lost caverns)

- Added destruction sound to when the stalactite breaks when falling to the ground.

- Air bubbles now spring up from below everywhere in the sea.

- Akeni does not fall anymore on a fake floor that was inside the cave, and which I discovered by chance!.

- Akeni won't get frozen anymore when touching to open the earthly gates (First level).

- Akeni won't get frozen anymore when exiting the lost cave river.

- Akeni's foot now is really standing on the ground :D (used to be 1 pixel above ground "on air" which was odd).

- Changed the square blocks to slope blocks on the bottom of the lost cavern river (last level).

- Changed the standing blocks which were inside the water pits at the beach level.

- Completed planting grass on a part which there was none in front of the tribe chief (ending/credits level).

- Corrected some bugs with the vampire bat.

- Corrected a problem at the beach where Akeni could go under the sand in one of the coconut trees when climbing.

- Corrected the height and pixel of the little waterfall on the Lost Cavern river.

- Decreased animation speed on aquatic plants and also on the sting ray's animation.

- Fixed Akeni falling off of condor's wing when being carried out of the jungle and lost caverns levels and

loosing the only chance to proceed. So you won't be able to control Akeni while he is riding the condor

when exiting a level. This is for your own safety!

You can still fall off from one of the condors on the last level though!

(the one that carries you up when you explore outside the cave mountain.

The safety law only applies to the condors that carry you out of the levels!

- Fixed layer problem which hid some trees and clouds in the first level.

- Fixed lost cave level song changing to 1st level cave song when balloon was popped.

- Fixed lost cave level water drops falling below their expected level.

- For the first time, You can now collect the destroyed bee house for 500 points!

- Gave a bit of animation to sea urchin at the beach level.

- High seas level now features sun reflection on the rocks which are not so deep.

- If you die near Akeena on the 1st (stand too long in one place) the level text and Akeena now disappear.

- If you press "Alt" to show a map (on the non labyrinth levels), a new screen shows up saying there are no treasures to collect


- Jelly fish has become properly transparent.

- Positioned Akeni to be behind the sand instead of in front.

- Reverted Game's resolution stretch to be pixel perfect, as that embellishes the game's pixel art to the fullest!.

- The game now allows you, the player, to enter your initials (if achieving 2500 points or more) in its high score after player

dies while still having credits left!.

- Pixel art on the mountain in the game intro.

- Pixel art on the Brazilian flag in the language selection screen!.

- Pixel art on the banana trunk, thickening it a bit.

- Pixel art on the big tree trunks.

- Pixel art on the indian nut tree trunk.

- Pixel art on cave tarantula to look better and changed her color from light grey to black!.

- Pixel art on 1st level tucan's pixel art and animation a bit.

- Pixel art on on the flower buttons to not look square anymore.

- Pixel art on the red sea weed on ocean level.

- Pixel art on the electric eels (a bit of shade on their back).

- Pixel art (shade) to the body of the albino rat.

- Pixel art (drawing and shade) and animation on the bee house (jungle level)

- Touched up (lit up) the sky's brightness in the game's intro a little bit.

- Translated the login title page and the word "password" to Spanish and Portuguese.

- Upgraded all the game's songs to a more modern sound, so no more pure YM2151 sounds. I might revert in the future,

because YM2151 is where nostalgic music really is!

so for now the pan flutes are back and so are the realistic rain forest congas!

- Water droplets now drop from the ceiling from below the lost cave river.

- You don't have to press control anymore to exit the lost cave river (last level).

September/October 2018 - Akeni game update:

- fixed crazy stuttering when Akeni would crouch atop of his Tent or atop a coconut tree
- fixed 1st level river splash animation if entering river from left cave in 1st level
- fixed crouching base height (used to be 1 pixel below feet level)
- added hair animation when falling from a jump animation.
- changed water, bubble and cloud transparencies throughout the game.
- changed Akeni's eyes to black (used to be dark red)
- pixel art touch up (more lighter green shades) on one type of the banana tree (left and right facing trees)
- added granite rock layer inside the 1st level cave
- substituted thick tree grass to normal ones in the mountain level
- added diagonal grass to mountain and jungle level
- added some cave river rocks
- added vines to jungle trees and ivy plants to the jungle level to make it even more "jungly"

- subtle pixel art touch up (a bit bulkier wings) on the bats
- subtle pixel art touch up on one of the clouds
- created a more proper scorpion walking animation
- pixel art touch up on the pineapple in the points screen (intro screen)
- subtle pixel art touch up on the mountain level gorilla (subtle lighting on his arms, shoulders and head)

- fixed annoying arrow selection timing on language select screen
- re-sorted some internal game code
- merged introduction screens into one.