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Aloan Moreira, apresenta:

Dezenas de Modelos para HYTALE (Dozens of custom HYTALE models)!
Baixe tudo aqui!
Download all here!
Atualizado Fevereiro de 2020 (Updated on February, 2020)



HOUSES (coming later)

ENTIRE WORLDS (coming much later, lol - these below are LEGO Worlds models, no Hytale's)

Sao Torquato world: This will be a world I will convert from Minecraft later when Hytale is out!
How to model for Hytale!

in Hytale we can build in pixels, and put it in 3D! How awesome is that?

My tips for Creating your models for Hytale:

Hytale's pixel art textures the cartoony cute looking ones are all in 32x32, but it can also be 64x64.
I bet that as in Minecraft the textue size can be those and even 128x128 or 256x256..
but most people would like to keep the art style sticking with not more than 64x64 so 32x32 is the "norm".
Now Dimension-wise (most important) speaking it does not matter if you dimension all your creations based on 32x32 or 64x64
what matters is You sized all the models accordingly based on the size of the choice you made 32 or 64
So that is my observation and so the last revealing piece is that the actual cube size
(Hytale's blocks or building square blocks themselves must be either 32x32 o 64x64 in where
the texture will fit inside them perfectly. So don't worry if your block looks out of proportion
because in reality the block itself is properly dimensioned inside the game.
The most important part you did which was making it either 32x32 or 64x64
For myself I sized my "hytale" main character having its square head made of 32x32
which is what it looks like from hytale itself... so from that perspective I then drew in pixel art
the rest of the body and followed to draw models beside it proportionally size-wise
and there you go that's how you do your models (do them inCraftStudio like that) then export it to CopperCube 6
(the best easiest, no programming required 3D engine I've ever seen in my life) :smile: and see your models come to life!

Download the pixel art template here
See a screenshot of the models in coppercube here

Modelos em andamento (Upcoming Models):

Obs: vigas de concreto para texturas lajota e bloco
Att: I need to make concrete column versions for all the wall models

azulejo / piso madeira e ceramica (tiles - wood and ceramic)
Cama (bed)
Chuveiro (shower)
Descarga cipla (toilet)
Espelho (mirror)
Filtro de barro (Brazilian clay water filter)
Fogão (stove)
Geladeira (fridge)
hidrante (hydrant)
Janela (window)
Kombi (VW bu van)
Lâmpada incandescente (old incandescent light bulb)
Locomotiva diesel g12 A-1-A RFFSA (G-12 diesel loco)
Pe de manga (mango tree)
Porta anos 70 (70's door style)
Poste eletrico (electric street post)
Trilho reto de trem (straight train rail)
Tv (really?)
Ventilador de teto (ceiling fan)
Did you know I've also spent 3 years+ creating my own video game? here it is!


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