SUPERMAN - Remastered,

ATTENTION: This game is still under development! (details below)!
If you are viewing this site through the beautiful Neocities, unfortunately they seem to be routing the game file to an https instead of http, so to download the (wip) game, click: HERE

You are Superman. Receiving a tip on a bomb scare, you rush to the Metropolis waterfront. Dropping into a nearby phone booth, you change into Clark Kent, mild- mannered reporter for the Daily Planet, and continue east (right) toward the Metropolis Memorial Bridge. As you approach the bridge, it explodes! Lex Luthor, arch enemy of Superman, is seen leaving in a hell-pack. Some of the Lex Luthor henchmen rush from the scene. A helicopter flies by carrying Lois Lane. Is she in trouble, or has she hired the helicopter to scoop the story? Another crook sneaks away. This is a job for Superman! You rush back to the phone booth and emerge as the Man of Steel. ========================================================

This game is a remaster of the 1st ever Superman game to grace the video gaming world!
Superman for the Atari 2600!

For any other questions, feel free to email me at:
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Last uploaded: December 19, 2018
That was so kind of you to donate! This will make me
keep busy trying to finish development everyday and
letting you know all the steps I take to finish it!
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Development News Update: December 12, 2018:

The game can be practically ended, but I still need to work on:

1- helicopter A.I. (most difficult - includes it deciding where it wants to go, carrying and leaving anybody anywhere!

2- Overall game pixel art (cities, icons, npcs, etc)

possible later:
cut-scene: include lex and his men blowing up bridge at intro cut-scene!

Please send me an email with any bugs you find!
I will read, check and fix it asap!

And If you really enjoy the game, you're gladly welcome to come and give me a big thanks by donating whatever your heart tells you! Thank you all for the love!

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