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This webpage was made in March, 2015!

H e l l o - W o r l d !

Under Construction!

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Howtty Folks!
Fire Marshall Bill Burns, here!
... saaaaaayyyyyy
Are ya gonna let ya-self be locked-up by Facebook????
Being a marionette of the social net can be very... very... DEADLY!...
When Geocities DIED... SO did a 3rd of the Internet...!
Thanks to sites like NeoCities, Webspace.webring and
my personal favorite: 000Webhost , you can now create...
, which invokes... CREATIVITY...,
which transforms into... Ya guessed it son: FUNNNN !!!
So, this is a little piece of
a Geocities flavored, seasoned, shaken and baked webpage...
Just make sure you're safe here... NO SMOKIN!!!!
BY THE WAY... in case you're wonderin'... my 3 friends up there are
all head buttin' to a famous song...
but you can only listen to it by using... THE INTERNET EXPLORER!...
cause IE is cool, Ya know!

Well, pretend that's me and my girlfriend Susan!... ain't she a beauty?

Here are my 2 favorite movies!

Top Gun Flashdance...
(Coincidently, they are both from Paramount!)

here's a nice clip art:

and background midi music (use IE)

Links to other websites I find "90s" cool:
(all will open in a new tab)

like this one:
-and this one:
-and this one:
-and this one:
-and this one:
-and this one:

The Web is Yours

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Ok.. you knew this was coming

Shoob, doop, dooahhh...

and here comes..... the "Click here" links!

Click here to see my 1st (repeated animated background) page!

Click here to see my grey background page! (still similar to this one)

Click here if you wanna be loved!

Click here if you if you want to escape all the violence in the world!

Click here if you're hungry!

Click here if you're bored! (my friend who loves apples will entertain you!)

Click here if you wanna play Simon Says!

Click here if you wanna go to the very popular myspace website!

Last but not least, Click here if you want a chance to win a Million Dollars!
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